Broken Relationships

By Zen Master Seung Sahn

So everything is truth. But how much do you believe that? Every day we use truth, but we don’t understand truth. We are living in truth, but we don’t understand it. Why don’t you understand it? Because you don’t believe your eyes, ears, nose,, tongue, body, and mind. The sky is blue — nothing special. But you don’t believe that. “That’s the truth? I don’t know…”

So practicing means practicing believing in my true self. What am I? Don’t know. But everybody has their opinions. They also have their condition and situation. So they can’t believe their eyes. They only see their opinion. If you want to become clear, you must let go of everything in your mind. That is the first point. Then you can see clearly; you understand truth. Then you understand what is correct and what is not correct.

Nowadays, in the United States, many relationships are broken. Do you know the expression, “Blood is thicker than water”? That is not true now in America. Many people think, “I don’t like my brother. I don’t like my parents. I like my cat. I like my dog. My dog and cat are better than my parents.” That is not correct! This is a little crazy. Zen means finding your correct relationship and understanding your correct function and situation.

Once you believe in your true self, you can understand other people’s situations. Then you can help your family, then your friends, then your country, then all beings. If you cannot help your parents, how can you help the people in Cambodia? If your wisdom grows and your action is correct, then one action helps your parents, your friends, your country, and all beings. Never separate. That’s the point, O.K.?

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