Buddha’s Birthday!


Almost time for dinner at Providence Zen Center.  Our three month long winter Kyol Che is finishing up today and so begins three months of Hae Jae. Kyol Che is the intensive meditation retreat period. Hae Jae is the looser, less formally scheduled period in the spring and autumn.

The Hae Jae period provides more of an opportunity to practice in everyday life situations. During this time, monks and nuns traditionally travel from temple to temple to visit other great masters at or meet with their Doban (Dharma friends).


5:00 pm dinner
6:00 pm chanting to 7:00 pm
7:15 pm Kyol Che closing ceremony
7:45 pm Hae Jae party

While on the Kwan Um website, I came across this mp3 of a closing talk at the end of Kyol Che from over 25 years ago . Enjoy!

Diamond Hill Zen Monastery Hae Jae

by Zen Master Seung Sahn on Mar 29, 1985



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