Overnight Accommodations

Guest Suite

(1250 square feet) We have many guest rooms like the one pictured above, with larger rooms overlooking a pagoda, and a skylit partitioned space. The open area will sleep about eighteen people on futons; the floor is carpeted wall-to-wall. This private, self-contained space includes a full bathroom (more are nearby) and is adjacent to the Upstairs Meditation Room.

Teacher Rooms

There are rooms in the main building with beds, which are customarily offered to your teachers and any group members with special needs. Usually, it is possible to provide a few other semi-private rooms with futons.

General accommodations information

For extra-large groups, we have overflow sleeping areas available.

In order to keep costs reasonable, sleeping accommodations are simple (futons on the floor with a fitted sheet.) Guests bring their own sleeping bags, pillows, towels, and toiletries. Overnight guests are welcome to use the sauna.

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