Hae Jae Talk by Zen Master Seung Sahn

Last Friday we finished our annual three month Winter Kyol Che retreat and entered into the Hae Jae period. Kyol Che is the intensive meditation retreat period and Hae Jae is the looser, less formally scheduled period in the spring and autumn. The Hae Jae period provides more of an opportunity to practice in everyday life situations. During this time, monks and nuns traditionally travel from temple to temple to visit other great masters at or meet with their Doban (Dharma friends).

To celebrate, here is a video of Zen Master Seung Sahn giving the Hae Jae talk at the end of Winter Kyol Che 2004 in Korea. This is probably one of the last recordings that capture his Dharma and it’s wonderful to see so many of his senior students practicing together in the same room. Enjoy!

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