July Thank You

Thank you to Diana Daniels, Darlene Demers, Scott Beck and Theresa Murphy for continuing to tend our flock of chickens. We are up to nine eggs a day: all our pullets are laying now! Thanks to Diana and Theresa for tending our bees. As always, a big thanks to the Alternative Market in North Attleboro for generously allowing us to purchase bulk organic foods for the Zen Center at cost. Learn more about the Alternative Market here. Thanks to Doug Walsh for his ongoing weekly volunteer time on Wednesdays, and for joining the management team at PZC as Vice Abbot. Thanks to Edith Lebowitz for continuing her work of sewing robes for PZC. Thanks to Pete O’Connell for his regular visits to PZC to help with electrical work that needs done around the place. Pete has also been clearing brush and weeds around the monastery to help get ready for Summer Kyol Che. Thank you Chong Yew Heng, our kitchen master, for teaching calligraphy classes at PZC. Thanks to resident Scott Beck for cutting the grass and volunteering in the office. Thanks to Mel Milligan and Nancy Jacobs for coming out from Orlando early and spending several days helping us get PZC ready for founder’s day weekend. Thanks to Eddie Wisdom, David Barstis and Kimball Amram for putting in extra hours when we rented a wood chipper to tackle the brush pile (“Mount Brushmore”) on the path to the back pasture. Thanks to Robin Hoffman for her work on the Providence Zen Center newsletter. Thank you to our Abbot, Jiri “George” Hazlbauer for your leadership and House Master Troy Rapp for being the glue that holds us together. Finally thanks to any volunteers who we may have overlooked: please remind us if you’ve been left out so we can express our gratitude in the next newsletter!

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