Ox Herding and Revelation

Diamond Hill Zen Monastery

Kyol Che has been running smooth up at Diamond Hill Zen Monastery for about a month now. Tomorrow morning we have Tim Lerch, JDPSN entering to lead the retreat for the next two weeks, including the intensive week, which begins February 12, includes nightly midnight practice, and is limited to those who have previously sat retreats or who have entered this retreat earlier.

Bodhisattva Teacher and blogger Barry Briggs, has an on going series of Kyol Che related posts on his blog Ox Herding. He recently sat three weeks of retreat and will be coming back for more before the Winter is over. In his most recent post titled “Revelation“ he says,

…meditation reveals ourselves to ourselves. When we sit down in meditation, we have an opportunity to meet that person. When we do a retreat, the odds of meeting that person increase. And the longer the retreat, the better the odds.


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