Photo Contest


  Congratulations to all our Providence Zen Center members who took Precepts this Sunday!!

Didn’t we have fun this past weekend? The Hae Jae party Friday night marked the end of the long 90 day Winter Kyol Che retreat and even with a little snow on the ground, you could tell that “Spring has Sprung”! All our friends were back at the Zen Center from around the world for the Buddha’s Birthday Celebration on Saturday with quite a few new friends as well. There was the first bonfire of the season Saturday night, with the stars being covered and uncovered by the clouds … followed by the Sunday morning Precept Ceremony. There was a large contingent of new Dharma Brothers and Sisters who took their five precepts. It is so fun to see them in their brown kasa the first time they walk into practice!

We also have some new Dharma-Teachers-In-Training (DTIT), a few new Senior Dharma Teachers and Several DTITs that received their long robes and bowls as their training period has ended. Now they are full Dharma Teachers. Congratulations to everyone!

… so here an idea for a quick photo contest … how many pictures do you think we took all weekend? The attached photo is of our PZC family with several teachers and friends, but more photos will be posted to the photo gallery very soon …. if you couldn’t make it this April, maybe you can join us for the next Sangha Weekend! We’d love to have a photo of all our PZC members …

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  • Kathleen
    04/19/2011 (12:52 pm)

    150ish, plus lots of video.

  • Robin
    04/14/2011 (7:14 am)

    I know you have all been waiting patiently for the results! Well, as they say on TV, Jeff appears to be the closest without going over! We took a LOT of photos that can be seen on the Kwan Um School of Zen pages as well as our own galleries here at PZC. The final count? 1258

  • darren
    04/07/2011 (10:57 am)


  • Tim
    04/05/2011 (6:48 pm)


  • jeff
    04/05/2011 (10:10 am)