Runty Has Died

Ji Jang Bosal

The Center had ten, day-old chicks which will provide eggs for the kitchen in the late summer.  One of the chicks was smaller than the others, pale in color and standoffish.  The other chicks would slam past her and sometimes climb right over her to get to the food.  We decided to keep her in a separate box so that she would not have to compete with her more  robust sisters for food and water.  We also focused the heating lamp on her in the hope that she would catch up with the other chicks.  While Hye Soeng was visiting she would hand feed the chick.  Darlene took a special interest in the chick, began to nurse her and named her “Runty.”   Darlene speculated, probably accurately, that the chick’s lungs were not fully developed when she hatched as she seemed to be struggling to breathe and became exhausted from even the simple task of eating.    While I was away at work this weekend, and despite Darlene’s careful ministrations, Runty died.  Darlene took the little chick’s body and placed it under a tree in a quiet part of the woods.  Runty has returned to the universe and we are grateful for the opportunity to ease her passing.  Kwan Seum Bosal.

-Diana Starr Daniels PZC Resident


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