Solo Retreats

At Providence Zen Center we have the Jung Wol Gak hermitage, a retreat cabin situated in a secluded area of the woods just behind the Zen Center. It is available for solitary retreats from one to one hundred days. It is open to any student of one of the Zen Masters or Ji Do Poep Sa Nims, who follow a schedule approved by that teacher. However recently we have opened it up to practitioners of different traditions too.

The hermitage is intended for those who want a solitary retreat.  Folks who sit a retreat in the hermitage are pretty self sufficient:  they set the place up themselves (bringing down a futon and cushions from the main building), carry their own food and water from the main building, and clean the place when they are done. There is electric heating and cooking facilities, including a small refrigerator and a sink. Bathroom facilities are available in a quiet area of the nearby main building. There is a tea kettle as well as cooking and eating utensils in the hermitage, and you can borrow anything you need from the main building kitchen with permission from the kitchenmaster.  We provide shopping, but you’re on your own for the most part:  that’s part of the style of solo retreat we offer here.

For more information please contact the Director of Providence Zen Center.

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