Thank you

Eddie with chainsaw

(New summer resident Eddie Wisdom maintaining the property.)

Thank you to Diana Daniels, Darlene Demers, and Theresa Murphy for tending our new flock of chickens.  The chickens are settled in to their new home and passing their days munching contentedly on greenery, bugs, and whatever else they find in the orchard.  As of yesterday five of the older ones have begun laying!   Thanks to Diana for tending our bees, to Darlene for organizing our upcoming yard sale, and to Theresa for re-arranging the artwork around PZC.  Also, Theresa’s friend Jean Encontreau has volunteered to help us frame some of the unframed art we’ve had in storage and is giving us free leftover framing material (Jean owns a framing business in Omaha) as well as any materials she has to buy at cost.  Thanks once again to the Alternative Market in North Attelboro for generously allowing us to purchase bulk organic foods for the Zen Center at cost.  Learn more about the Alternative Market here. Thanks to Doug Walsh for his ongoing weekly volunteer time on Wednesdays, and for joining the management team at PZC as vice abbot.  Thanks to Edith Lebowitz for continuing her work of sewing robes for PZC.  Thanks to Pete O’Connell for his regular visits to PZC to help with electrical work that needs done around the place.  Thank you Chong Yew Heng, our kitchen master, for volunteering to teach calligraphy classes at PZC.  Thanks to resident Scott Beck for cutting the grass and volunteering in the office.  Last but not least, thanks to Robin Hoffman for her work on the Providence Zen Center newsletter and thanks to any volunteers who we overlooked:  please remind us if you’ve been left out so we can express our gratitude in the next newsletter!

(New Resident Steve Smith)

Providence Zen Center always has numerous opportunities for volunteering!  If you enjoy cooking, you can volunteer for the Wednesday night community dinner, either as a head cook or as an assistant to the cook.  People with any level of skill in carpentry, painting, electrical, plumbing, flooring installation, or any other construction related skills can be helpful in helping with the maintenance and improvement of the Zen Center buildings.  Folks are welcome to work in the garden or grounds throughout the summer.  Our office staff welcomes volunteers to help with filing, data entry, and other office tasks.  Or if you have a skill which isn’t listed here which you feel would be of use to the Zen Center, we’re always open to suggestions for ways our members might be able to contribute to PZC.  We’re grateful for any amount of help any of our members can give us:  it would be impossible to keep this place running smoothly without many hours of dedicated work from members and friends of the Zen Center.  Contact the PZC director at if you are interested in getting connected with volunteer opportunities here at the Zen Center.  The more we work together to help our community, the more it can fulfill its role as a place where people can come together and support each other in this work of understanding our lives and using this understanding to foster clear direction: helping this world.

(New Resident Scott Beck)

Welcome to our new Summer resident Eddie Wisdom!  Eddie is a regular at Open Meadow Zen Center who has been volunteering at the  Providence Zen Center over the past several months.  He will be doing a few weeks of work study at PZC before Summer kyolche.  He’s handy with a chainsaw, so he’s been helping us get stocked up on firewood to heat the abbot’s house this Winter.  Also, welcome to our new residents, Scott Beck and Steve Smith!  Scott moved to PZC from NYC in early May, and Steve moved in early June from Providence.  We’re happy to have them both joining our residential community at PZC.  Also, a warm farewell to Robin Hoffman, who moved from PZC to an apartment in Providence with her son Alex the end of June.  We will miss her, but we are happy we will continue to see her regularly at PZC when she is leading practice on Friday nights, and at Wednesday evenings and retreats.


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