Why Did the Chickens Cross the Road?

To come to the Providence Zen Center where they can live in a humane, cage-free environment.  PZC has purchased chicks, affectionately dubbed the Dharma Chicks, which will be raised on the grounds and eventually provide eggs to supplement our food budget.  They will be joined shortly by pullets (young laying hens) which will provide eggs immediately for the kitchen.  The chickens are hybrids, a cross between Rhode Island Reds and White Leggins.  They are laying hens bred to produce eggs rather than supply meat.  George will be building a predator-safe Chicken Coop and Darlene Demers will lend her artistic talents to paint and decorate the coop.  Kimball  has volunteered to be the Center’s official egg collector.  Part of the day the chickens will be free-range.  Studies have show that free-range hen eggs are more nutritious and, I would guess, due to the natural and varied diet.  These eggs are a little harder to crack because of the higher level of calcium than store-bought eggs.  The eggs will be washed just before cooking.  Mother hens leave an invisible coating on their eggs that protect them from bacteria.  When the coating is left on, the eggs keep much longer than commercial eggs.  The Center also purchases eggs from a neighbor whose chickens are raised in the same humane, environment.  Stop by and see the Dharma Chicks.  They love visitors!  One more step toward sustainability and living gently on our earth.

-Diana Starr Daniels PZC Resident


1 Reply to "Why Did the Chickens Cross the Road?"

  • Robin
    05/06/2011 (5:25 pm)

    Wow – you can really tell they have grown a lot in just a few short days!!! So cute …